Kalanand Nritya Sanstha

Kalanand Nritya Sanstha, in Thane (city which is almost a suburb of Mumbai), is an institute established to propagate and teach Kathak in its purest form. Kalanand was established in the year 1992 with a handful of students and loads of ambition. The goal was to impart pure Kathak training to all and give them thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of Kathak, to revive the fast diminishing art form and keep the tradition alive.

Discipline, rigorous training and total commitment are the highlights of Kalanand, followed with dedication and devotion by each and every student of the institute. 10 years down the line Kalanand can pride on hundreds of students being trained here. The basic education on dance here enables those graduating from here not only to become a 'Kathak Visharad' i.e. an expert in the art of Kathak but also makes him competent enough to adapt any style of dancing easily. Kalanand has been accredited by Govt. of Maharashtra for giving extra marks in SSC boards for their excellent work in the particular field.

The Director of Kalanand Guru Bhavana Lele is an M.A.(Kathak) herself and has two decades of experience in teaching Kathak. Guru Bhavana Lele is a disciple of Mrs Sanjeevani Kulkarni of Nasik and follows the well known Lucknow Gharana. World-renowned stalwarts like Pandit Birju Maharaj and Shri Munnalalji hail from the Lucknow Gharana; Guru Bhavana Lele has been fortunate enough to get the tutelage and guidance from these two revered icons of Kathak.

Guru Bhavana Lele has worked as a Dance teacher for the past 18 years. The experience of working in a Public School has provided Guru Bhavana Lele an exposure to folk and semi classical dance forms; also, organising Musicals and Ballets has helped Guru Bhavana Lele in honing her skills in choreography and direction too. This in retrospection helps the students of Kalanand when they participate in special workshops organised by Kalanand to teach them complementary art forms like folk and traditional dances from all over India. These workshops are conducted by faculties from respective art houses and experts in music and drama.

Kalanand is affiliated to 'Gandharva Mahavidyalaya', the board for dance and music certification.

Classes are held twice a week at two locations, considering the area-wise convenience of the students. Students appear for various examinations held by Gandharva Mahavidyalaya every year for certification and up-gradation.


Kalanand Institute