Kalanand Events


Kalanand has maintained a tradition of organising an annual event, marked to pay respect to all their current and ancient Gurus, the revered teachers who have been imparting education in classical Kathak all these years with total commitment and soulful devotion to this art form. This event marks the initiation of fresh students for performance on stage and display of acquired Kathak lessons by the senior students. These annual performances not only help parents in gauging the extent of their wards' progress but also make the learners forget things like stage fright, hesitation and apprehension. Making the artists bold, fearless and generating self confidence among them is also a part of curriculum at Kalanand.

Since 1998 Kalanand has been fortunate to have the blessings of various famous personalities from different walks of life. Those who have made a name for themselves in their respective fields.


Pallavi Lele's Dubai Fest Kathak Performance

Year: 2001

15 years kathak journey of Kalanand Nritya Sanstha Thane

Year: 2002

Pallavi Lele's Kathak Performance

Year: 2003

Event Name4

Year 2004

Kalalnand Workshop
Kalalnand Workshop
Kalalnand Workshop